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[W3B] Investing in Web 3.0 & Start Ups (Tonight) + Curio On-chain Gaming (Tmrw)

[W3B] Investing in Web 3.0 & Start Ups (Tonight) + Curio On-chain Gaming (Tmrw)

Investing in Web 3.0 with Binance Labs & The Brooker Group

Nov 30, 6:30 - 8:00 PM @ SHDH 213

Join us for an in-person and stream-in discussion on Investing in Web 3.0 from Binance Labs and The Brooker Group.

        *********&PIZZA WILL BE SERVED************

We will be giving out $1000+ worth of mystery gifts to attendees!

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Binance Labs and The Brooker Group will discuss key aspects a start-up will need advice and mentorship on, including items such as financial and operational fundamentals, structuring, team formation, Tokenomics, etc. The second half of the talk will identify key aspects which make a high-potential project, including the potential to disrupt industries and capabilities of team performance. The talk will include a guest who has recently secured funding from Binance Labs.

Curio: Building On-Chain Games Workshop

Dec 1, 7:30 - 8:30 PM @ SHDH 1203

Join us in a featured guest speaker session about Web3 Gaming!

Learn about the premise of fully on-chain games and its technical challenges with Kevin Z, founder of Curio.gg

Curio is building a new type of game - a multiplayer game where players have ownership in the way the world is run, whether that means inventing a new way to govern themselves by writing a new constitution or inventing a new type of exchange to trade gold for bricks.

Curio is currently built entirely on the blockchain (EVM), meaning that the game is run on smart contracts that are fully open and composable. Anyone can peek into the game, write new plugins, and create the world they deem fair.