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[W3B] Fall Break Mini-Hackathon 10/7-10/8

[W3B] Fall Break Mini-Hackathon 10/7-10/8

Twiddling your thumbs thinking of what to do this fall break? Not invited to your friends' getaway to Cancun? Look no further, for we've got an event for you!

Web3 Builders is hosting a Mini-Hackathon this Friday and Saturday! This will be a casual, but great opportunity to surround yourself with amazing people who also have a passion for web3 – and most importantly, get to build something!

All experience levels are welcome, and don't be afraid if you have no experience – what better way to start building than surrounded by support?

Interested? Join the hackathon group telegram below, or just show up and get building!

  • Time: Friday 10 am - Sat 10pm. Presentation at 10pm. Sleep is encouraged.
  • Location: (will be disclosed in group chat)
  • Theme: Use a new web3 technology
  • Rules: Standard Hackathon rules apply

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to any team members, or shoot a question in the groupchat!

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