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[W3B] Weekly Newsletter 1/30/23

[W3B] Weekly Newsletter 1/30/23

Today is National Croissant Day! Treat yourself these buttery flakey treats, or if you have the skills, make a batch from scratch for you and your friends! Its a bit of a level up from baked bread 🥐.

Weekly Update

Quick Summary:
1. Blockchain & Bitcoin 101 Workshop Recap ✍️
2. Introduction to Blockchain Technologies Workshop Series: Ethereum 101 🛠️
3. [W3B] Lucky Strike Bowling Night 🎳

Our job scoops and curated reads of the week are back!
Job Opportunities 💼
Featured Articles 📝

Intro to Blockchain & Bitcoin Workshop Recap

Thank you to everyone who showed out to our first event in the Blockchain Technology seminar series: Blockchain & Bitcoin 101, in collaboration with WAB!

Missed it? No worries – all the materials, slides, and recordings are attached below, free to view.

We've also added some additional comments and resources we thought would be helpful in regards to the workshop.

Video Recording:


Additional Comments and Resources:

  1. Bitcoin mining difficulty: The current mining difficulty https://btc.com/stats/diff is actually set at 37.59, which is apparently 21 leading zeros. The “leading zero” idea is a bit coarse and not 100% accurate. Please refer to this website to learn more https://en.bitcoinwiki.org/wiki/Difficulty_in_Mining
  2. Public private key explanation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQDCe585Lnc
  3. Specifically, the leading symmetric encryption scheme(which bitcoin uses) is ECC, explained here https://blog.cloudflare.com/a-relatively-easy-to-understand-primer-on-elliptic-curve-cryptography/
  4. Highly recommend this 3blue1brown video on blockchain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBC-nXj3Ng4
Prof. Chen

If you're looking for further resources or any other workshop materials, check out our notion page here!

Introduction to Blockchain Technology Workshop Series: Ethereum 101 🛠️

Feb 1, 8:00 - 9:00 PM @ Huntsman G50

Join us in our second event in our workshop series: Ethereum 101!

We're excited to collaborate with WAB to give an introduction on the topic of Ethereum — This is THE most important blockchain you need to understand right now.

If you missed the first workshop, no worries. All are welcome to attend, regardless of experience, so invite your friends!

[W3B] Lucky Strike Bowling Night 🎳

Feb 2, 8:30 PM - Lucky Strike Philadelphia

After an incredible learning experience during our Wednesday night workshop, it's only natural to unwind the next day.

Join W3B for an evening at Lucky Strike — the hippest bowling location with great cocktails and bites!

If you're interested in attending, please RSVP below!

RSVP to [W3B] Lucky Strick Bowling Night😎 | Partiful
Join W3B for an evening at Lucky Strike—the hippest bowling location with great cocktails and bites

Web3 Builders Job Opportunities

The inside scoop on web3 related opportunities.

Aptos - SWE

DoraHacks - Investment Analyst

Certik - SWE

Uniswap Labs - SWE

Certik - Development Internship

Curated and hand picked by our experts.

dba: Ethereum Model
Ethereum Model DisclaimerLast updated: January 29, 2023,This model is for informational purposes only. It does not constitute investment advice or a recommendation or solicitation to buy or sell any investment and should not be used in the evaluation of the merits of making any investment deci...
SEC Scrutiny Blocks Some Crypto Firms From Going Public
Companies including Circle Internet Financial and eToro have failed to secure the regulator’s approval for stock-exchange listings, as the SEC has increased its review of businesses in the volatile industry.
QuickNode raises $60M at $800M valuation to become the ‘AWS or Azure of blockchain’
QuickNode, a blockchain deployment platform, has raised $60 million in a Series B round for an $800 million valuation
Ultra Sound Money
watch ETH become ultra sound money

Last Month's Picks:

How are Ethereum transactions propagated (broadcast)?
Discover the stages a transaction goes through as its broadcasted (propagated) across Ethereum’s peer-to-peer (P2P) network of nodes.
What is Proposer / Builder Separation (PBS)?
Learn what proposer-builder separation is, it’s relationship to MEV, and how it will impact Ethereum block proposers and builders in a post-merge Ethereum environment.
How to Send Private Transactions on Ethereum
The Flashbots API enables builders and traders to send private transactions through Flashbots. Learn how to get started with Alchemy.

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