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[W3B] ZK 101 Workshop Date Update

[W3B] ZK 101 Workshop Date Update

It appears that we made a mistake. It's NOT Friday. It's Thursday!

ZK101 Workshop - Thurs, 11/10 @ Huntsman 370

9:00 - 10:00 PM

Zero Knowledge Proofs are one of the most promising technologies in blockchain. While its use is not restricted to web3, it provides a pathway to radically compress data, scale blockchain throughput, and provide privacy for the transparent blockchain systems.

Join us this Thursday for our intro to ZK Proofs workshop! People of all experience levels and backgrounds are welcome.

In this session, we will first discuss the theoretical foundation of ZK proofs in the context of SNARK (Non-interactive zero-knowledge proof) and their applications in blockchain systems. For the second part of the session, we will demo the use of a simple circuit (basically a ZK program).