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[W3B] Weekly Newsletter 9/19/22

[W3B] Weekly Newsletter 9/19/22

Ahoy, me hearties! Did ye know Monday be Talk Like A Pirate Day?

Weekly Updates

  • Our first GBM (on Friday) and first Social (on Saturday) were successful! Here are some photos:
GBM @ Lippincott
Chill Social @ Domus
  • We recruited a few new members to join us! Cindy, Julian, and Sheyan, welcome to the core team!
  • We will be hosting our first workshop on Wednesday from 9-10 pm Workshop #1: From Cypherpunk to Ethereum Do fill out the RSVP here. It's open to all; bring your friends to learn a bit more about the lores and history of blockchain in addition to how Bitcoin and Ethereum work.
  • This week we will also start to work on our W3B Career Newsletter to bring the hottest web3 internship/jobs to our students.

That's it. Have a good week!


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