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[W3B] Weekly Newsletter 9/26/22

[W3B] Weekly Newsletter 9/26/22
Photo by Fa Barboza / Unsplash

Monday is National Pancake Day! Make sure to have some pancake at breakfast.

Summary-> 1. First Workshop ✅ 2. SmartCon this week 3. Next Workshop 10.4

Weekly Updates

  • We had our first workshop on Wednesday talking about the origin of blockchain and how Bitcoin works.

  • We are going to SmartCon on Wednesday! If you haven't received your discounted ticket or joined our SmartCon telegram chat. Please contact us ASAP.

Photo by Kvalifik / Unsplash
  • On the workshop front, we will take a break this week due to SmartCon and continue next week on Tuesday, Oct.4. We will be hosting the workshop in Huntsman 370. Content-wise we will talk about Ethereum — This is THE most important blockchain you need to understand right now.

That's it. Have a good week!


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