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[W3B] Workshop #1 Follow-Up

[W3B] Workshop #1 Follow-Up
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Sensei Kong going off

Last night we had our first workshop - From Cypherpunks to Ethereum. While we didn't quite have time for the Ethereum part of the workshop (which we will cover next time), we talked in depth about blockchain and Bitcoin – more importantly, philosophical questions like why we need blockchain and what money is.

I want to emphasize that all of our workshops will be in-person first. However, we want to make recordings and slides available to those who can't make it.

Zoom recording (Passcode: h1%w4a+B):

And Slides:

Later we will also be compiling additional resources for each topic and publishing them on our website (WIP).

Last plug about SmartCon tickets! It's next Wed & Thurs. Dm @intelchen on telegram for details.

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That's it :)!